Remote Monitoring & Support

Ever wished that someone had your back when it came to monitoring your network, mainting your systems, and responding to issues? Remote monitoring and support from Nextgen Solutions allows us to to do just that.

Our system can remotely monitor client endpoints (Phones, Tablets, & Other Devices), networks, computers, and servers. With our remote monitoring and support solutions we can remotely roll out patches and updates, install and configure software, solve issues, manage mobile devices, and more.

Endpoint Protection

Our Endpoint Protection suite offers best in class antivirus and anti-malware coverage. Unlike traditional security software, our Enpoint Protection platform takes an everything is a risk approach to security. If the software that is being run isn't recognized, our product runs it in a virtual container protecting your computer and data from the unknown application. This allows our team to remotely monitor and categorize software to ensure that you and your systems are protected.

Patching & Updates

Nextgen Solutions update and patching solution removes the stress and headache of making sure your computer stays secure and up to date. Our system monitors your computer and determins what Microsoft Windows updates and patches need to be applied, as well as other programs like Adobe Acrobat Reader, JAVA, Microsoft Office, and so many more that we cannot list them all here.

Not only can our system keep your computer securly up to date but we can also eliminate those nagging update notifications by scheduling maintenance widnows. Maintenance windows ensure that your work day is never interupted by unscheduled or prolonged reboots due to patching and updates.

Remote Support

Nextgen Solutions remote support makes getting help as simple as an internet connection. From anywhere in the world one of our skilled technicians can remotely access your computer to provide technical support when you need it most.

Remote Service Monitoring

Minimize down time and ensure business continuity by monitoring the business critical services running on your servers and workstations. Our automated system can automatically open a ticket when it detects a critical service has stopped running or failed to start, letting our technicians know theres an issue before you do.

Data Loss Prevention

Businesses that deal with PHI and PII (personal health information and personal identifiable information) know how important it is to make sure this information stays secure. With our Data Loss Prevention tool we can ensure that PHI, PII, and other types of definable data stay safely located in the areas you designate. When data is detected outside of those areas our system can send out alerts, block the data from being transferred and more.

Mobile Device Management

It happens, mobile devices become lost, stolen, or damanged with your personal or company data still on board. Nextgen Solutions Mobile Device Managment allows us to quickly and easily:

  • Enable and disable devices
  • Make devices ring to help locate them
  • Remotely lock devices to prevent unwanted access
  • Remotely wipe devices to prevent data loss / compromise
  • Apply application control policies to ensure only the apps you approve of are installed

Ready to be proactive instead of reactive?

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