About Nextgen Solutions

Nextgen Solutions was inspired by a simple need, an IT company that could provide innovative solutions to business and residential clients with needs large and small. From there we began partnering and working with organizations of all types and sizes to ensure that our clients had what ever product or service that they needed from a single provider.

Incorporated in June of 2019, Nextgen Solutions is veteran owned and operated company. Our company uses a modern business model that places the client first with an overall reduced business footprint. Our unique business model allows us to invest assets that would traditionally be used for buildings and storage back into our client relationships. The end result is a higher quality service and reduced cost for our clients.

Sean Beck Owner Founder Nextgen Solutions

Sean Beck
Owner | Founder

I have a bachelors degree in Information Systems Technology and more than a decade of experience working in the IT industry. I have worked with individuals looking to grow an idea into a business and in various industries at the enterprise level. I have always had a passion for technology and really enjoy the opportunity to share that with others.

Ryan Kuhn Technician Intern

Ryan Kuhn
Intern | Technician

I started with Nextgen Solutions in June of 2019 not knowing what to expect. Over the last 3 mo I have had the opportunity to learn and grow my skills in the IT industry in ways I could have never imagined. I find this work to be very satisfying and look forward to every new project.

Residential and Commercial Electrician
Southern Illinois Center for Independent Living
Heartland Digital Imaging
The Pallet Farm
Pro Gun and Indoor Range

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