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IT Simplified

What do we do?

Nextgen Solutions specializes in simplifying IT by providing all of the products and services you need from a single source. Need hardware, we have it from brands like Lenovo, HP, Dell, and more. Need O365 or other Microsoft products, not a problem since we are a Microsoft partner. Looking for phone service or to replace your out dated phone system, we do that too.

Simple, right?

We think so, but as you probably already know many IT providers out there only offer a limited number of products and services requiring their customers to seek solutions from multiple vendors. Even more confusing and frustrating is the fact that many of these vendors' products tend to overlap leaving you with duplicate products and services that you will never use but have to pay for.

We are more than a faceless IT company. Nextgen Solutions works with customers to accomplish the following:

  • To SUPPLEMENT not replace existing IT professionals
  • To provide IT support to companies who cannot afford dedicated employee(s)
  • To simplify IT demands for business owners and IT professionals
  • To help businesses expand and grow through the use of current and future technologies
  • To help mitigate down time and profit loss
  • To help businesses leverage their current technologies to their full potential

At Nextgen Solutions we understand that your business has it's own unique set of needs and are here to provide best in practice solutions to achieve a better tomorrow.

Onsite Collaboration and Site Assessment

Interested in the services that Nextgen Solutions provide? Reach out to us today to speak with a representative and schedule a free of charge on site assessment and quote.