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Why Does Your Business Need Backup and Disaster Recovery?

In today's technology-driven world, businesses have become increasingly reliant on comprehensive hardware and software-based technology stacks to complete their daily activities and remain competitive. However, with that reliance comes risks. If any component within a business's technology stack was to fail, it could result in devastating consequences for the business. Nextgen Solutions recommends that businesses invest in backup and disaster recovery services to alleviate such concerns.

How Can Backup and Disaster Recovery Help Businesses?

The advantages of having a solution to deal with backups and disasters can vary based on the company involved. However, there are several key areas where backup and recovery tools often shine. Here are several advantages offered by such tools.

Data Security

Many threats can cause data loss. Whether it's due to a natural disaster or cybercrime, dealing with damaged, lost, and stolen systems and data can open a company up to severe security issues. Cybercriminals can expose confidential data on compromised company platforms and if companies attempt to restore data manually through various means across different platforms and tools, it can leave gaps as the information is transferred, leaving the data susceptible to theft or unrecoverable loss.
By using a unified system for backups and recovery, companies can restore assets to the state that they were in before the disaster. This advantage is especially crucial when dealing with cyberattacks, enabling companies to restore assets to an uncompromised state and plug the security holes that enabled the attack to occur. A unified system also reduces the likelihood of data being lost or exposed during restoration by removing the need for data to travel between disparate platforms and tools.

Downtime Costs

If a company suffers from a data breach or another disaster, it can bring business operations to a standstill. Employees can not use their tools if the tools are offline, and customers can not purchase goods and services if the portal through which they must do so is no longer functioning. Due to lost productivity and revenue, businesses suffering from hardware and software disasters often suffer financial disasters as well.
By preparing a comprehensive backup and recovery process using a streamlined and sophisticated tool, businesses can dramatically increase the speed at which they can respond to a disaster and restore business operations. This capability helps businesses reduce the amount of downtime that businesses face during disasters and minimize the associated revenue loss.

Customer Service

Many customers rely on the services rendered by a business to complete to go about their day-to-day. When these tools, services, and resources are taken away from customers, it can understandably lead to a poor experience for customers and they may develop a negative perception of the brand for not being able to take care of its data. By minimizing downtime and restoring data to a secure state quickly, backup and recovery tools enable businesses to save face by avoiding negative perceptions and enhancing the customer experience during what would've otherwise been a stressful situation.
It can be easy for businesses to underestimate their data protection needs. Unfortunately, that can be a costly mistake. Subscribe to Nextgen Solutions backup and recovery services to keep your data safe!