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Sending Hosted Faxes

To send a fax to someone else, first make sure you are sending your email from an address that you’ve authorized. If you are not sure if the address is authorized please contact us to confirm authorization.

Write your email as follows:

  • Address the email to 1<number> – so for example, to send a fax to 212-555-1212, you would email
  • The Subject and Body of the email will be ignored. Still, we recommend setting a relevant subject line so you can search for the email later, in case you need to find it.
  • Attach the file you want to send as a fax. You can attach any of these types of files:
    • PDF
    • Microsoft Word (.DOC, .DOCX)
    • PowerPoint (.PPT, .PPTX)
    • Excel (.XLS, .XLSX)
    • Visio (.VSD)
    • Rich Text Format (.RTF)
    • Plain text (.TXT)
    • Hypertext Markup Language (.HTML)
    • JPEG (.JPG)
    • Graphics Interchange Format (.GIF)
    • Tagged Image Format (.TIF)

You’ll receive an email letting you know that your fax is queued for sending (or letting you know there’s a problem, if there is one). Once your fax has been successfully sent, you’ll receive another email to confirm.