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5 Risks of Ignoring Backup and Disaster Recovery

The old saying that you should hope for the best but prepare for the worst holds true in the world of business. One essential step of preparing your business for any possibility is developing solid backup and disaster recovery plans. Here are some risks your business incurs by not having such a plan in place.

5 Risks of Ignoring Backup and Disaster Recovery

1. Decrease in Productivity

Your workforce needs certain tools available to them in order to do their job correctly. In the event of an outage, many of the day-to-day processes will be impacted. This could lead to a delay in necessary tasks or a complete inability to complete certain goals, and productivity will continue to be affected as your workforce tries to fix the damage caused by the issue.

2. Loss of Current or Future Clients

Your clients and prospective customers have certain expectations when they seek out your business for a product or service that they desire. Without adequate plans in place for how to deal with data loss issues or other problems, you won't be able to meet those expectations with what your brand delivers. This will leave a negative first impression on potential new customers and drive your existing clients to consider your competitors instead.

3. Reduced Generation of Revenue

Data loss and digital service outages are practically guaranteed to impact your business' bottom line. Without the ability to provide the digital services that your customers expect, you won't be able to position products and services for them in the way that you typically would. This will lead to a decrease in the income your business is generating, leading to a reduction of your profits that will have further harmful ramifications down the line.

4. Interruption of Data and Records

Data and analytics are the foundation that any successful business strategy is built upon. You need a clear view on what works or doesn't work for your business and trends in your revenue in order to continue growing your business. An outage in your business' digital services can lead to a temporary interruption in the data collection practices you use, or worse, a complete loss of the data you need to analyze.

5. Failure of Your Business

In the worst-case scenario, a catastrophic data loss event could completely cripple your business. The loss of income and new clients that an outage creates will have your business playing catch-up, and the interruption in your data and recordkeeping will make it more difficult to make up for that loss of business. If you don't have a clear plan for recovering from a disaster in mind, these events could be the end of your business.

Don't wait for a disaster to strike to act; instead, prepare ahead of time so that your business is ready to weather any issues that arise in the future. Instead, get in touch with our team and let us work with you to develop a plan for any problem that you might face. Reach out to Nextgen Solutions today!