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5 Reasons to Take a Proactive Approach to Your Cyber Security

In today's hyper-advanced digital world, your company's approach to cyber security is more important than ever. Cyber attacks aren't just financially expensive: they cause significant harm to your company's loyalty, trust, and reputation. Read on as the experts at Nextgen Solutions give you five reasons why you should be taking a proactive approach to internet security.

5 Reasons to Take a Proactive Approach to Your Cyber Security

1. Catch Problems Before They Occur

At Nextgen Solutions, we have many clients who didn't initially realize the importance of taking a proactive approach to their company's digital security. Here's a cliché that illustrates it perfectly: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Reactive security involves responding to problems after they occur. Proactive security consists of identifying potential threats and risks before they occur and putting plans or systems in place to prevent them. Proactive management stops or catches attacks or risks before they have a chance to harm your website and your business overall.

2. Create a Comprehensive Plan by Combining Proactive and Reactive Security 

We want to emphasize an important point: your digital security methods should include both proactive and reactive plans. Proactive techniques are ideal for risk mitigation, but nothing is ever 100% foolproof. So when attacks or security risks get past your initial lines of defense, you'll still have a reactive-oriented game plan for eliminating the threat and reducing the damage as much as possible.

3. Remain in Compliance with Data Protection Laws

Your plan for proactive security and cyber risk management should be multi-faceted and contain numerous layers of defense. The best way to create a comprehensive security plan is by analyzing potential risks and developing best practices to mitigate those threats. Doing so ensures you'll remain in compliance with the many data protection laws requiring online businesses to have top-notch security in place to protect sensitive information.

4. Build Trust and Credibility within Your Customer Base

Plant yourself firmly in the shoes of your end-user: wouldn't you feel safer if a company had preventative security measures in place? Using proactive methods evokes more trust within your customer base and builds brand equity for your business.

5. Reduce Incident Investigation and Response Costs

If you've ever dealt with the aftermath of a data breach or cyber attack, you know how costly they are. Not only are such incidents expensive to fix, but they also negatively affect your company's reputation and trustworthiness in the eyes of your customers. For example, IBM's Cost of a Data Breach Report 2021 found that data breach costs hit an all-time high in the 17-year history of the report, rising from 3.86 million to 4.24 million. The primary benefit of using a proactive approach to cyber risks and security threats is being able to prevent attacks or breaches before they occur. At Nextgen Solutions, our team of experts provides comprehensive IT and security solutions for our clients. Call Nextgen Solutions today at (618) 422-8784 and schedule a free on-site security assessment and quote for your business.